We offer a few tiers of subscriptions to suit different needs.

Individual Subscription

An individual subscription is designed for the person who wants personal access to one of your lab environments. You’ll get a full lab environment to yourself as well as access to a dashboard where you can power your lab on and off, take snapshots, create VPN configs, and more.


  • 1 private lab environment - Choose from any preconfigured lab

  • Lab dashboard

  • Take up to 3 snapshots per system + 1 full lab snapshot (and revert at any time)

  • Up to 4 VPN connections

  • Cap of 120 hrs of lab runtime


Enterprise Subscriptions

If you have a team of info sec professionals who need to share lab environments, or each have their own, an enterprise subscription is for you. You’ll be able to create new user account and control who has access to what labs. You can


  • Support for multiple lab environments

  • Manage users & assign lab access

  • Lab dashboard

  • Take up to 5 snapshots per system + 3 full lab snapshots (and revert at any time)

  • 4 VPN connections/user account

  • Premium support

To learn more or get started with your lab, please reach out!