Preconfigured Labs

Our preconfigured environments are ideal for customers looking to get access to a lab quickly.
We currently offer 2 different preconfigured lab environments. These are available with any of our subscription options.

Shirts Corp.


Shirts Corp is a retail company that specializes in, you guessed it, selling shirts! The Shirts Corp network is relatively small and immature from a security perspective. You'll find the vulnerabilities and sensitive data typical of smaller retail companies. This environment is great for training new penetration testers and for testing open source and in-house tools. 


  • 26 Systems

  • 2 Windows Domains (Parent and Child)

  • PCI Data

  • Customer PII

Eagle Bank



Eagle Bank is a medium sized financial institution with a subsidiary bank. With two Active Directory forests, it's a bit more sophisticated than the Shirts Corp environment. In addition, this network pays a little more attention to its security! Great for established red teams, training, and research.


  • 25 Systems

  • 3 Windows Domains (2 Active Directory Forests)

  • Additional Web and Database Testing Scenarios

  • Banking Data

  • Employee PII

What Else?

  • Lab Manual - Every lab comes with a detailed manual which walks your team through an entire network penetration test, from connecting to the lab to obtaining privileged access.

  • Private Labs - You (or your team) will be the only people with access to your lab environment. No shared labs!

  • 24/7 Availability - Your lab is always available to use.

  • Hosted in AWS - That means fantastic reliability and security.

  • More Coming Soon! - We're constantly updating our lab environments and adding features to the lab and dashboard. Keep an eye out for additional preconfigured options and dashboard updates going forward!