We offer both pre-configured and customized lab environments, each with their own advantages. The right lab for you depends on what you are looking to get out of the lab, as well as the maturity level of your red team. Our pre-configured options allow you to get up and running quickly with an established environment at varying levels of sophistication. Customizing allows you to have full control over the size, theme, and complexity of your lab. In each, you'll get all the features that make our labs stand out: Realistic Windows Domains, Lab Dashboard, Endpoint Visibility and Monitoring, and Active User Simulation.

Pre-Configured Labs

Our pre-configured environments are ideal for customers looking to get access to a lab quickly. We guarantee delivery of these environments within 48 hours of purchase. 

Shirts Corp.


Shirts Corp is a retail company that specializes in, you guessed it, selling shirts! The Shirts Corp network is relatively small and immature from a security perspective. You'll find the vulnerabilities and sensitive data typical of smaller retail companies. This environment is great for training new penetration testers and for testing open source and in-house tools. 


  • 26 Systems

  • Lab Dashboard

  • Up to 3 Snapshots per System

  • Fully Configured Parent and Child Windows Domains

  • PCI Data

  • Customer PII

  • 48 Hour Lead Time

Approximate System Breakdown

Eagle Bank

Approximate System Breakdown


Eagle Bank is a medium sized financial institution with a single subsidiary bank. With two Active Directory forests, it's a bit more sophisticated than the Shirts Corp environment. In addition, this network pays a little more attention to its security! Great for established red teams, training, and research.


  • 25 Systems

  • Lab Dashboard

  • 2 Active Directory Forests - One Child Domain

  • Additional Web and Database Testing Scenarios

  • Up to 3 Snapshots per System

  • Banking Data

  • Employee PII

  • 48 Hour Lead Time

Custom Lab Options


For advanced teams or those that have specific requirements, we can build a custom lab to your desired specifications. Custom labs have all the features of our pre-configured environments, as well as (almost) anything you want to add. Customizable aspects of our labs include networking (firewall rules, subnet configuration, etc.), software (anti-virus, EDR, specific applications), Windows Active Directory, and more. Due to the design and setup process of custom labs, they can take up to 3 weeks to deliver. 

Custom Features

  • Overall Lab Size (up to 100+ systems)

  • Number of Escalation Paths

  • Network Architecture

  • Windows Active Directory Configuration

  • Specific Vulnerabilities and Security Misconfigurations

  • Additional Software

  • Lab "Theme" (Retail, Pharma, Finance, etc.)

  • 3 Week Lead Time

What Else?

  • Lab Training Manual... Every lab comes with a detailed training manual which walks your team through an entire network penetration test, from connecting to the lab to obtaining privileged access.

  • Hosted in the Amazon Cloud... That means reliability, security and support.

  • Your Lab is Your Own... Your team will be the only one with access to your lab environment. No shared labs!

  • 24/7 Availability... Once live, your lab is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • More Coming Soon!... We're constantly updating our lab environments and adding features to the lab and dashboard. Keep an eye out for additional pre-configured options and dashboard updates coming soon!


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