Prepping for the National CCDC with Ubeeri Labs

Part of Ubeeri's mission is to help eliminate the skills gap that the information security industry is currently facing. University organizations, particularly local universities, offer an excellent opportunity for us to reach out and provide our services to upcoming cyber security professionals to practice and acquire new skills. 

We recently had the opportunity to work with Drexel University's CyberDragons, a cyber security club founded by Drexel student Colbert Zhu, in preparation for this year's National Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (CCDC). The CCDC challenges teams to defend a simulated corporate environment from a group of professional attackers. To check out more about the competition itself, head on over to the competition website at The format of the CCDC, and the environment in which the competition takes place, share a number of characteristics with our penetration testing labs. Given this, we reached out to Colbert and offered to provide them a lab environment to practice in leading up to the competition.  Luckily, he accepted, and we were able to save them a lot of work building their own infrastructure and got a lot of great feedback on the Ubeeri lab environment at the same time.  

Our team found the lab environment to be perfect for testing our blue team tools on a variety of different operating systems and application servers. With Chris and Barrett hacking while we defended, we were able to determine which common malicious activities we could expect come competition time.
— Colbert Zhu

The most interesting part of this experience was working side by side with the CyberDragons blue team while we performed a mock penetration test. Both sides of this "purple team" activity received valuable insight into what malicious activity looks like on the network, and how to detect and defend against it. We were surprised to see just how capable these young college students were, and their enthusiasm for security and learning was refreshing. With clubs like Drexel's stoking interest in cyber security and bringing talented college students together, we're hoping at least some of the crazy demand for qualified infosec professionals will be satisfied in the near future. 

We'd love to partner with additional University clubs or other organizations that provide a similar environment for new hackers. So, if you know of or are a member of an organization similar to the CyberDragons, please reach out! We're happy to discuss setting up your own lab environment, and you can email us at